://And let the race begin....
Oh god, NaNoWriMo.

I didn't hear about it in time last year, making this year my first....
It's gonna be a bumpy ride, I can tell you that.

In fact, I haven't even come up with a plot-line.
So, being it my first year, I think I'll dedicate it to a Chap fic....((Soriku, FTW!))

Unfortunately, I know I do not have the mental resolve to create a fifty thousand word AkuRiku, my preferred couple, fic, due to the fact that it will most likely turn out angsty in some format or another and that would just /kill/ my social life ((Bwahaha!)), so I'm reducing so Soriku. :D --shot--

And I'm really freakin' tired.
I'm just totally baked from last night ((Halloween)), it was as intense as one could make a night while not straying from the Legit....
Graugh, yeah, I think I'm officially a Zombie.. -.-


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