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://Okay, so, it's been a while....
And I've made some icons, so I think I'll share 'em. ^^

://1-Alive  ://2-Bleed  ://3-Bow
://4-Broken  ://5-Childish Imagination  ://6-Cracked
://7-Dare You to Move  ://8-Paradise Lost  ://9-Tear to Shed

Grab, comment, whatever, just don't steal, mmk? ;)

((Plus, feedback is loved /very much! B{D))

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Love the Yuna icons, especially the one in the middle. <3

Also hi. :D

Ah, thanks!
Yeah, the one in the middle is my favorite, too, but she's just so much fun to make icons with....
Hi back, by the way. ^^

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